Entertaining the Kids by the Nursery Rhymes – The Wheels on the Bus Song

The stupendous wheels on the bus go Round and Round lyrics has been started in America during the 20th century. Actually, the composer of this song is an unknown person, this melody keeps the students and the kids amused all the time. Not only kids but also elders love the song immensely.

This song has become popular because of the lyric plus the melody. When people think about rhymes the first thing they remember is the lyric we mentioned. It has the repetition which captures the hearts of the readers. Although you may assume that only kids sing this particular song it’s a wrong assumption, even we sing it even today.

The reasons for learning the nursery rhymes…

The amazing nursery rhymes at Mum Mum TV have become the best learning method for the kids. The rhymes and the rhythms will entertain the kids and also it will make the students engage in learning too. The words used in the rhymes will create the familiarity to the students, so there are no hard rules for them to learn the words, they can simply learn it by the rhymes. The rhymes are good for the kids in many ways such as;

  • The rhymes are good for the brains of the kids. The rhyme not only helps them to cope up with the words but also with the memory power.  If they improve the memory power overall it helps them when they engage other activities.
  • The culture- the rhymes are great for the students to learn the culture. The kids will become attentive about the culture and will adjust themselves accordingly.
  • The imaginary power- the students become creative, when they sing or recite the rhymes they get the visual in their mind it helps them to build up visual imaginaries when they engage in other activities too.