Petrovsky of Institute of Far Eastern Studies of RAS visited the College of Foreign Languages
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        On 17th September, 2016, Petrovsky, the vice chairman of the academic committee of IFES RAS, together with his fellows paid a friendly visit to the College of Foreign Languages. The Dean of College of Foreign Languages, Zhou Yifu met with them in the company with the Vice President Liu Zuoyan, the Director of the Russian Department Tian Jun and so on.

        The two parties had a discussion on the education and cooperation in the fields of regional science, national studies and regional relationships in Northeast Asia. And they reached an agreement on some specific issues, such as jointly holding academic symposiums and lectures in the future. Besides, the two parties conducted broader exchanges on topics of common interest, and expressed their desire to strengthen cooperation in relevant areas.

        RAS Institute of Far Eastern Studies, which was established in September, 1966, has a history of more than 40 years. It's one of the leading institutions of Russian Academy of Sciences. The institute conducts research work on the former Soviet Union and Russia's relationships with China, Japan and Korean Peninsula, and the development of economy, history, philosophy, culture and nations of these above countries. The Institute has a significant influence on Russia and the international community.

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