Grasping the key link and striving for the way forward: The Thirteenth Session of National Russian Language and Culture Seminar held in this University
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        On October 29, the Thirteenth Session of National Russian Language and Culture Conference Academic Seminar was held in Jilin University, which was jointly sponsored by the Chinese Russian Teaching Research Association and College of Foreign Languages of Jilin University. Present at the conference were scholars from Peking University, Suzhou University, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, Luoyang Foreign Language Institute, Renming University of China, Northeast Normal University, Inner Mongolia University and Hainan University.

        On behalf of the faculty from College of Foreign, Professor Zhou Yifu, dean of this college, extended a warm welcome to all the scholars. He gave a brief introduction about the situation of this college and its Russian Department. Professor Ning Qi from Peking University, the secretary-general of Chinese Russian Teaching Association addressed the opening speech. She briefly reviewed the glorious course we have gone through which was characterized by long years of Russian practitioners’ perseverance and dedicated commitment as well as the vigorous vitality and bright academic prospect of the discipline since this opening of the its first session in 1992. The opening ceremony of the seminar was presided over by the Liu Zuoyan, deputy dean of College of Foreign Language of Jilin University.

        This seminar covers numerous aspects of language and cultural researches and achieved the profound and extensive exploitation. Delegates of this seminar actually include all the age groups:  the youth, the mid-aged and the elderly who actively got themselves participated in the group discussion; speeches with rigorous and profound insight have been given in huge enthusiasm. In the light of the academic spirit of “communication” and “dialogue”, they are engaged in the full discussion through which a collective progress of great abundance has been realized. Besides, the academic exchange and cooperation are promoted as well.

        Once the key link is grasped, everything falls into place. The symposium is under a strategic plan and detailed case studies; the study of language and culture enjoys a bright future; all the scholars have clear goals and are ready to study further.

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