About Korean Department
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Founded in 1993, the Korean Department is the earliest-established language department of its kind among colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education since the establishment of Sino-Korean diplomatic ties. It’s one of the pilot places under the national project to set up specialty majors in institutes of higher education. The Department now has 1 professor, 2 associate professors and one standing Korean expert, with 3 holding Doctor’s Degrees. The Department attaches equal importance to both Academic Masters and Professional Maters and is entitled to authorize Professional Masters of Asian-African Language and Literature. Its admission of Professional Masters of Korean Language and Literature starts in 2004; Masters of Korean Interpreting in 2012 and so does Masters of Translation and Interpreting.

During the 20 years since its establishment, the Department has undertaken 4 main teaching projects, including 2 secondary specialty major projects under the Ministry of Education, 1 specialty major project under the national “twelfth five-year” plan, and 2 Jilin University undergraduates teaching reform projects; research projects include one translation project under the national Social Science Funds of Chinese Academic Treasures Translation,2 provincial projects and 3 field projects; publications include 15 academic monographs, 40 papers,10 textbooks and 20 translation works.

As the members council of both Sino-Korean Education Research Association and Sino-Korean Literature Research Association, the Department had been the successful sponsor of 10 international academic seminars and 3 national and regional ones. The Department has also maintained close ties with over 20 renowned Korean colleges and universities and scientific research centers such as Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University and others, which grants all the students on campus the opportunity to study abroad.

The Department sets as its goal the training of high-level language talents with an all-round knowledge and cross-cultural background; conducts training programs characteristic of comprehensive universities; implements small-class lectures; places great emphasis on the training of listening, speaking, reading and translation skills. Multiple professional courses are opened and the subjects cover Sino-ROK, Sino-DPRK history, culture and trade; Students were encouraged to take part in the Humanities courses and pursue a second major for Bachelor’s Degree. At the same time, seminars given by experts and scholars are held regularly, and senior undergraduates and postgraduates are exchanged to famous institutes of ROK and DPRK.

At the same time, the Department attaches great importance to students’ acquisition of second language and therefore English are taught throughout undergraduates and postgraduates courses. Students’ interest are cultivated and more internship opportunities granted. Each semester, in order to enhance the students’ professional skills, a Korean Drama Contest will be hosted by the Campus Korean Association where excellent students will be chosen to compete in the national Korean Speaking Contest. Moreover, a better social, practical platform is established through active communications with the Economic and Technological Cooperation Bureau of Jilin Province. The Korean Department attracts many students from all over China and its graduates display good professional qualities and working capacities in national, provincial and municipal departments, colleges and universities, large state-owned enterprises and foreign-funded companies.

The Department always sticks to the purpose of nurturing high-level language talents and is committed in cultivating excellent minds with high political qualities, strong business abilities and a comprehensive knowledge system. Based on its distinctive features and regional advantages, the Department will further prioritize the discipline construction of the Korean language and strengthen the education of Comparative Linguistics, Comparative Literature and Comparative culture so as to promote the Department into a first-class training basis for talents of Korean Language and Culture, famous both at home and abroad.

Office: Room 320, Foreign Language Building, Central Campus of Jilin University


Chair: Jin Jing