About Spanish Department
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Founded in 2000, the Spanish Department was jointly initiated and funded by Chairman of the Korean IB Group and Mr. Quan Ronghao, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jilin University. It is the first Spanish Undergraduate Studies Center in the three provinces of Northeast China and the inner Mongolian region.

The first batch of its undergraduate students was admitted in 2000. With all the faculties’ strenuous work, the Department has risen from having inadequate teaching strength to reaping gratifying achievements in all aspects. With the purpose of cultivating high-quality language talents that can meet the actual requirements of the 21 st century socialist building, the Department, under the unified leadership and planning of the Foreign Language School, has been focusing much of its efforts in curriculum settings in accordance with existing conditions; strengthen the weak links and comprehensively enhance the level of curriculum teaching so as to build a set of high-quality curriculums and guarantee the better upbringing of talents.

Some basic courses have demonstrated good teaching effects after long-term accumulation and argumentation; the professional courses for senior students are designed to help cultivating their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. While at the same time, special courses are also opened covering culture, literature and trade in order for the students to be better suited to the demand of the market.

With 6 years of fast and steady development, the Department has been granted the authorization of Master’s Degrees, which makes it one of the few Master’s Degree Programs for Spanish Language and Literature at the time. The same year has seen the Department welcoming its first batch of postgraduates. And the establishment of the Master’s program has further confirmed its research orientation; greatly promoted the setting and development of curriculums; provided a strong support for the training of teaching faculties. At present, the academic research area mainly covers the Spanish Teaching Method, Linguistics, literature, Philology and translation, etc. As the Department increases its contact with the outside world, the research in culture and state condition have been put on top agenda with the expansion of diversified research areas.

The Spanish Department now has 2 professors, 1 associate professor, 6 lecturers and 3 Teacher’s Assistants, all of whom hold Master’s Degrees or above and overseas studying and working experience. The Department places great emphasis on scientific research, as a result, the Spanish Idioms Dictionary was compiled; Collections of Olive Fruits published; and Spanish Short Stories Selections translated. At the same time, the teaching staff has many papers issued on various periodicals.

With an employment rate of 100%, the Spanish graduates have been mainly employed in government departments, state-owned enterprises, multi-nationals and in the field of education, publishing as well as tourism.

The Department actively promoted communications with the outside world and encourages the teaching staff from both at home and abroad to participate in related academic gatherings. A national annual council was successfully held in 2003. The Department has also maintained cooperative ties with Spanish universities such as University of San Diego, University of Navarre and university of Al Carla, which provides a good platform for teachers and students to conduct academic exchanges or for further education.

During the 10 years of rapid development, the Spanish Department has adhered firmly to the road of prioritizing the teaching of graduate students and the training of postgraduates. The Department expands with the accumulated experience and practice and has thus become an important training basis for Spanish talents.

Office: Room 302,304, Foreign Language Building, Central Campus of Jilin University


Chair: Zhang Yongtai

Associate Chair: Zhang Rui